The evolution of brand name logos

It can’t be said how much time must pass before a company changes it’s logo. Maybe they’re looking to freshen up their look and modernize it for a new generation of customers. Regardless of the reason, it’s interesting to look at the past representation of a company and see the evolution to where they are now in the present.

Here is a list of 12 logos for brand name companies that I found had an interesting history of logo evolution. Please enjoy!

1. Apple Inc.

evolution of the Apple logo

For a more detailed history of the Apple logo, visit Edible Apple’s The Evolution and History of the Apple Logo.

2. Microsoft

Microsoft logo evolution

For a more detailed history of the Microsoft logo, visit Business Insider’s article Microsoft Unveils New Logo—Here’s A History Of The Design’s Evolution.

3. Microsoft Windows


It’s interesting to note that Windows seems to be taking a step back in time and styling the Windows 8 logo similarly to their very first identity.

For a more detailed history of the Window’s logo, visit Hongkiat’s article Evolution Of Microsoft Windows: 1985 – 2009.

4. Starbucks

Starbucks logo evolution

Ever wonder who the Siren is in Starbucks’ logo? Find out at the Starbucks blog post So, Who is the Siren?

To learn more about how the Starbucks logo came to be, visit Famous Logos’ article here.

5. Coca-Cola


To learn more about the history behind Coca-Cola’s logo, visit Coca-Cola UK’s article 125 Years of Coca-Cola Logos.

6. Pepsi

Pepsi Cola logo evolution

Check out The Huffington Post’s article Pepsi Logo Timeline: The Evolution of the Company’s Brand for a more in-depth history.

7. Google

Google logo evolution

Just this year, Google released it’s flattest design yet. The drop shadow was taken away in 2010, though in 2014 highlighting and low-lighting of the letters was removed.

To learn more about the Google logo, visit the wiki page.

8. Yahoo!

Yahoo! logo evolution

CEO Marissa Mayer was put under harsh criticism with her decision on Yahoo’s new logo, released in late 2013.

What is your take on it’s transformation? Visit The New Yorker’s article What’s The Point Of Yahoo’s New Logo? and see what they have to say.

10. Taco Bell


11. NBC


The 1962 NBC logo is referred to as the Laramie peacock, “[…] in which the bird fanned its bright plumage against a kaleidoscopic color background. As with the 1956 Peacock, this logo only appeared at the start of NBC color broadcasts; as all NBC broadcasts eventually began to air in color, it was generally used only to open those shows that were produced by NBC itself” (as explained by the NBC wiki).

12. iTunes

Evolution of the iTunes icon

While iTunes isn’t a corporate brand, it’s icon received an extremely new look in 2013 with the release of iOS 7, furthering it’s icon evolution.

MacLife shows us The Complete iTunes History, highlighting on what came with each new release and update of the technology that changed music forever.


5 thoughts on “The evolution of brand name logos

  1. When I was very young I we watched B&W television. I remember a broadcast mix of B&W and color programs during the gradual transition to color television as taken for granted today. NBC used animated Color Peacock Logos. Some of those animations can be found on U-Tube.

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